Submissions Guidelines


All submissions must be sent to, and must be pasted into the body of the email. Please indicate in the subject line of the email whether you are submitting poetry, fiction, or non-fiction. Pieces will be reviewed in as timely a manner as possible.

We are looking for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry that is written about, or written by students in, High School. We recognize that many young writers have difficulty breaking into the publishing world, and we seek to be a venue that allows up-and-coming writers a beginning. We also recognize that writing about High School is often quite fun, so let us be explicit when we say: you don’t have to be in High School to write about it.

Submissions with few technical errors will happily be co-operatively edited, but those that are riddled with spelling, grammatical, or factual errors simply cannot be considered. As a writer enters the world of publication, he or she should understand how important it is to submit work properly. Before it is sent to us, please consider showing a submission to a friend, parent, teacher, or mentor.

Even though we are an Online Journal, we do require the same care in a cover letter sent via email. We ask for you to not only tell us the basics about you (name, contact information), but also write a brief bio in the case that you’re work is accepted. Bios typically include where you are from, your education, your prior publications, as well as any particular interests you may have. Initial bios should be no longer than a paragraph, although in the case your piece is accepted you may be asked to write a longer bio.

The Red Locker publishes four times a year: November, February, May, and August. The summer issue is the Best of the Best issue, which will include the best submissions in the year’s prior issues, as well as specifically selected pieces.


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